Pleasurable Housing in Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is a town in Maricopa County, Arizona.. According to 2005 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 14, 558 with just over 5000 households. Despite the town ' s relatively small area and population, compared to other cities in javascript:void(0)the Phoenix metropolitan area, Paradise Valley is home to twelve resorts ( including: Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, Camelback Inn, Hermosa Inn and Motelucia ), making it one of Arizona ' s premiere tourist destinations.

It has exclusive real estate, with a median home price close to $2 million, with many exceeding $5 million and some over $20 million. The price offered, so according to your convenience to stay in this place. Comfort and safety place to live is the right choice for your family. What are you waiting for? Please visit Paradise Valley Marketing to prove it. Do not let you in ahead of other customers.

Paradise Valley is published for its large lots along with brio fascinating views including: Mummy and Camelback Mountains. Mummy Mountain is unharmed by the Mummy Mountain Preserve Trust and restricts and / or eliminates any further development in order to protect the Town’s natural geographic features which benefit Paradise Valley as well as other neighboring communities.

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